How eBay connector credits are calculated

Modified on Sun, 7 Aug, 2022 at 5:40 AM

Here is some information about how the listing credits are calculated for the eBay connector. There is no easy wait to manage this because you need to remember that when you list a card to eBay the card listing will auto renew every month until removed.

The Kronocard eBay connector use a rolling counter that is calculated every 24h.

OK let say you have an eBay connector plan for 1,000 listings.We are the 5th of March and you decide to list all the 1,000 listings today.In the month you sold 400 cards so you no more have 1,000 listings. If you do nothing on the 6th of April you will get back 400 listings only because if you didn't remove the other listing they are renewing automatically therefor using the credits for the renew in Kronocard too.

Another case as an example. The same 1,000 plan. If you list let say 100 cards on the 5th, 100 cards on the 6, 7, etc up to the 15th you will have all the 1,000 listed. If you do nothing you don't remove any cards from eBay and unfortunately let say you are not selling any cards you will not be able to list any other cards until; One, you remove from Kronocard some (when closed the credits will be available in 30 days for those) or two, if you have sold some cards they will also be available 30 days after it is sold.

The conclusion is that if you have a plan for 1,000 as an example and in a month you need to move around some cards, remove, relist, sell some at some point you may receive a message that you are exceeding your plan and you will need to upgrade.

To help you understand what's the status of your listings on eBay we are providing a listing panel with the information on how many cards you listed on eBay and when and also when the credits we be back. This is where you can find that listing panel.

If you decide to upgrade your plan in the middle of a month sometime the counter is still calculate the old values, if this is the case let use know we will adjust your listing for a month until everything is back to normal.

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