Custom SKU - edit custom SKU on active listings

Modified on Fri, 27 Oct 2023 at 11:48 AM

TOP NOTE:  To change or add a SKU to a card online, you must unlist it, change the SKU and list it again. This is an eBay restriction and is a normal behaviour for now.

With the new update for Kronocard 2.5, you are now able to have custom SKU labels on your eBay listings!

Before update 2.5, in the SKU field on eBay, Kronocard added the location of the card 

Example: BL 01 03 B (18)

This is still the case, however, users who want to have custom SKUs for their business can now do so by enabling the option in the Kronocard settings:

the SKU can then be adjusted when editing card information:

Please take note that leaving the SKU field blank will use the previous value that Kronocard generates to link your card to eBay, as mentionned in the above example, even is the custom SKU option is enabled

On the other hand, with this change and that of eBay, our tracking system to make the link between Kronocard and eBay is precisely the SKU. So, once the card is listed online it is no longer possible to change a SKU, neither in eBay nor in Kronocard, unless unlisted first. 

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