Bring all of your inventory at a trade show

Modified on Mon, 25 Jul 2022 at 06:25 AM

When you go to a trade show you have to select which products you bring with you. The space on your table is limited.

How many times a customer asked you for a specific card and your answer was: I have it at my store but not here … You just lost a sale.

What if you could bring your entire inventory with you? Impossible you say. You have hundreds of thousands if not millions of cards…

Well it is possible, if you virtually bring them with you. Here is how:

Put your inventory in Kronocard. With a Fujitsu auto feeder scanner (model fi-7160) and with remote documentation done by Kronozio you can build your inventory at a pace of 100,000 cards per week. In just a few weeks, you will have all your cards in Kronocard. Since Kronocard is a software and a database you will just have to bring your laptop at the  trade show. Your complete inventory follows you everywhere. Take orders at the trade show and ship the cards when you are back home.

This is cool, but it is not the only advantage… imagine:

  • Real high DPI image of front and back for each card
  • Free web store!
  • Fastest shipping solution: Kronocard remember the location of your cards and our shipper feature allows you to optimize cards pickup in your inventory for multiple orders at the same time.

Impossible you say? Well here are 3 stores that prove it is possible:

Collecto-Sport has nearly 400,000 cards in its online store

One Stop Sport Cards put more than 200,000 cards in Kronocard

And Collect Edition already have 58,000 online is in the process of putting all his inventory in Kronocard.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more.  Register it's free !

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