Mass update Kronocard from eBay ended listings

Modified on Mon, 06 Feb 2023 at 02:59 PM

It's possible that in some circumstances, you may close your card listings directly from within eBay. Although this is strongly advised to prevent Kronocard from becoming unsynchronized from eBay, it may be out of your control at times.

It is also against eBay rules to list multiple copies of the same card by changing just part of the title. Until recently, eBay did not consider changes in the title, but now with more robust techniques and image recognition, they can find your duplicate listings.

As a result, eBay will unlist those cards, but Kronocard will not know and still consider the cards to be online.

To fix this issue:

Go to the eBay report link:  Download reports — eBay Seller Hub 

On the page, click on "Download report." In the report options, select "Listings" as the source and "Unsold listings" as the Type, then click "Download."

You will receive a downloadable CSV file that you can open with a text editor or, ideally, with Excel.

In Excel, make sure the "Item Number" column is set as "Number" without any decimals.

Select only the item IDs from the first column (maximum of 4000 per copy).

Open Kronocard and paste the copied eBay item IDs into the eBay search option in Kronocard.

Based on your search results, Kronocard will display a list. At the top right corner, click on the grid button to open the selected listings. Change the status from "EBF" to "RDY" to update Kronocard that these cards are no longer on eBay.

You may receive many errors mentioning that your cards have already been removed from eBay by you. This is normal as Kronocard is trying to remove them from eBay, but they have already been removed.

Once the process is completed, your double-listed cards in Kronocard will remain ready in Kronocard until one is sold, and you can then list the duplicate.

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