As you probably know, in July 2021 we released a new Kronocard 2.0 that includes an important breakthrough in the card collection industry. This is the first time that the collectors can ask an AI system to document their cards! Yes, if you're a subscriber to the Pro version of Kronocard you can start submitting your cards for identification/documentation to our AI system.

It's a very complexe job to support a new type of cards so for the moment we are supporting those: Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Pokemon and Magic. IMPORTANT! You can't submit a group of cards of mixed category. If you want to submit Hockey cards and Football cards, send the one from one sport first and then the other sport.

To get more information about AI documentation you can read that article here.

If you submit to documentation a group of cards and 90%+ are not good, there is a good chance that our AI was not trained for that year/set of card. If you send us an email to mention the sport, year and set name that didn't worked at all we can probably train our AI and you can try again when ready. With more than 250,000 sets training our AI for all of them was a huge challenge. We probably have 80-90% done, not bad ;)

Here is how to submit your cards to AI documentation with Kronocard Pro.

READ THIS: Note that until you have completed all the six steps found in the settings (the gear icon on the left) if you ask for card documentation the request will never leave your computer. Those information activate your full account with all the features.

IMPORTANT!!! When scanning cards in Kronocard, the left image must be the front of the card, the right image the back. Without the front on the left the AI documentation will not work.

There is multiple ways of doing it, here is two.

First, if you want to submit all the cards in that group to the AI documentation.

If you already have some cards in that group that are documented and want to submit some of the cards. You can select the status of the one you want to submit and right-click on it and change the status to ASK. (Documentation)

If our instructions are not clear or if something doesn't work for you, send us an email we do answer fast normally.