How to unlock a card with an ASK status

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From time to time, it is possible that when you receive your cards back from the documentation service, some cards, for various reasons, could have a status of ASK. If you receive a batch of cards and most of them are documented, except for fewer than 10 cards with an ASK status, you can try a few steps to unlock them.

Solution 1

Just restart your computer, open Kronocard again, and go to the message center (envelope on the left). On that page, at the top right corner, look for the three counters. If all three counters are at zero, go and check your stuck cards as they may be unlocked.

If this is not working, try solution 2

Solution 2

If you received your cards from the AI and you still have some or many cards with a status of ASK from the same group, ONLY if you haven't changed the cards returned from the AI yet, you can try the following steps:

1. Click on the AI button on the left.

2. Select a previous date that includes the group to which the locked cards belong.

3. Click the refresh button, and you should now see the group with the cards stuck in ASK status.

4. Select and open the group using the grid button at the top right corner.

5. If you have the correct group, with the group still selected, right-click on the word "Documentation" at the top of the sentence "Kronozio AI Documentation Services." This will open a special menu, select "Recup Cards data."

Wait for 2-3 minutes and then open the group again to see if the cards are now unlocked.

If they are still not unlocked, try solution 3.

Solution 3

Solution three should also be done only when the group of cards is back from the AI and some cards within that same group are stuck with a status of ASK. You will need to process them one by one.

Go to the location tree view and select one card that is in the ASK status.

Now that the card is selected, click on the pencil icon at the top right corner. 

1. Double-click on the gray AI icon at the top.

2. It will open a popup, fill in your Kronocard account password. (Don't click on "GetPassword" as this is for something else). When done, click on "Validate".

Now you have unlocked the card, but it's not completed yet.

1. Add something to the Sub Title field (it can be "UNLOCK" or anything else).

2. Click "Save" and then close.

Now the card is unlocked with a status of "Lock" that you can now edit and change to continue.

Solution 4

Contact Kronozio support:

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