How to Use the CSV Template for Exporting from Kronocard to Facebook Marketplace

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This guide provides a step-by-step process for transferring your Kronocard data to Facebook Marketplace using our custom Excel spreadsheet. Follow these instructions for an efficient and error-free listing experience. For the moment it look like this is only working in un USA version of the Marketplace.


  • The provided Excel spreadsheet (named Kronozio-FB-Marketplace-Import.xlsx).
  • Your data file exported from Kronocard.


1. Prepare the Files:

  • Place both the Kronozio-FB-Marketplace-Import.xlsx file and your exported Kronocard data file in the same folder.

2. Open the Spreadsheet:

  • Open the file named Kronozio-FB-Marketplace-Import.xlsx.

3. Explore the Spreadsheet:

  • Inside, you'll find three sheets: CONFIG, FB-MARKETPLACE-CSV, and KRONOZIO.

4. Configure Settings:

  • Navigate to the CONFIG sheet.
  • Adjust the global values as needed. These changes will be reflected in the FB-MARKETPLACE-CSV sheet.

5. Understanding the FB-MARKETPLACE-CSV Sheet:

  • The FB-MARKETPLACE-CSV sheet is formatted for Facebook Marketplace listings.
  • Usually, you don't need to modify anything in this sheet since it dynamically generates content based on the CONFIG sheet settings.

6. Updating Data for Facebook Marketplace:

  • To load new data:
    • Export the desired data from Kronocard.
    • Rename the exported file to kronozio.csv.
    • Replace the existing kronozio.csv file in your folder with the new file.
  • The KRONOZIO sheet in Excel is directly linked to the kronozio.csv file and will update based on the changes.

7. Finalizing Your Data:

  • Check to ensure all data in the FB-MARKETPLACE-CSV sheet appears correct and is properly formatted.
    If not, try to click Update Data from within Excel.
  • Save the Excel file after verifying the data.
  • When in the FB-MARKETPLACE-CSV sheet is selected, save a copy as CSV from Excel. For the warning click ok. When you will close the Excel master sheet don't save.

8. Upload to Facebook Marketplace:

  • Utilize the data in the FB-MARKETPLACE-CSV sheet to create your listings on Facebook Marketplace.


By following these steps, you can smoothly list your Kronocard items on Facebook Marketplace. If you have any difficulties or questions, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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