How to fix the famous NOT FOUND ON EBAY

Modified on Fri, 03 Nov 2023 at 01:54 AM

As you may already know, since our new 2.5 release of Kronocard, many listing worked but was displayed in Kronocard as not on eBay and put back into your inventory. That problem has been fixed in subsequent release but many of you have cards in RDY or BUY status in Kronocard but the cards are on eBay. It can also work with the status EBF with cards that are not on eBay.

There is a way to fix that issue. In fact we are working on an eBay/Kronocard sync status but this is not ready yet.

There is a manual way of fixing it. Here is how.

In your Kronocard message center at the top right corner, if the eBay counter is not showing zero you need to contact us before proceeding with the fix.
Also note that do that procedure on 5 cards first to confirm that what’s happening is ok. Confirm status in Kronocard and on eBay. When some small batches are successful you can proceed with as many as you need.

  1. The most important step is to first do a backup of Kronocard. If you aren’t already aware, it’s very important to perform regular backups of Kronocard to your cloud or an external drive.
    Here is the procedure
  2. Go to your eBay panel and select a starting date of 2023/10/20. Choose “Not found on eBay” from the drop-down menu and hit refresh.
  3. Now, in the list, you will have many cards marked as “not found on eBay.” This status is not solely related to a bug in version 2.5; there are other conditions that can trigger this status. For instance, if a card is sold, shipped, or if the status is NOT.

    The one that are not in a correct state are 99% of the time the one with the status EBF, BUY, RDY and nothing in the eBay Item ID.

    On that page, select all the cards and hit the grid button. This will open the grid edit for you to perform the next steps.

  4. Now in that list, double-click on the “Status” column header to sort by status. First, you need to select some cards with a status of EBF and search for those cards in your eBay store. If you find a card already on eBay, stop here and contact us. Normally, based on what we have found, you will not find them on eBay. The EBF or EBA status in Kronocard, accompanied by the “Not found on eBay” message, indicates that the card is not on eBay.
  5. If you can’t find your EBF or EBA cards online, change their status to RDY and hit save. This will revert the status of the card to the normal “not on eBay” status.
  6. Go back to the eBay list and select the card again, then open the grid view. Now select all the RDY and BUY cards that have a “Not found on eBay” status and change the status to EBF (or EBA for auction), then hit save. This will list all the cards on eBay that were not previously on eBay. If a card was already on eBay, the mechanism should simply change the status of the cards and not interfere with eBay, as the card is already listed there. This prevents duplicate listings.
  7. Now, looking at your Kronocard message center, you should receive a “Success” message for all the cards you’re listing with the fix.

In any case, if you’re unsure or encounter an error while performing the procedure, stop immediately and contact our support team. They will assist you in completing and validating the fix.

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