Change the shipping fees in Kronocard

Modified on Sun, 7 Aug, 2022 at 5:12 AM

As you may already know, there is four common type of sports cards. Regular, Memorabilia, Oversized and Graded. There is in fact more, but strictly based on a shipping perspective those four may affect your shipping cost at the post office.

To change the shipping fees in Kronocard, you first need to go in that page by following the three steps.

In that page, at the bottom you can find all the parameter for your shipping fees.

As you can imagine, shipping only one card in an envelop is the basic cost. If you add another card in the same envelop you will not cost twice the cost. That's why in Kronocard you have a base price. This is the fees that you are charging to your client if ever the client is buying only one single card.

Now, the other column for each type are the added fees per card added to the same base envelop. As an example in the current situation, if a client buy 5 regular cards you will charge $2.00 + $0.20 X 4 = $2.80 (not X5 because the first card is always included in the base price)

If ever you are providing flat rate shipping, you can put $0.00 to the extra shipping charge. If you are providing free shipping, you just have to put $0.00 for all value on the same line.

Last point I didn't talk about is the Country. If you are in USA the line Same Country is the cost to ship in USA. Then to UsaCanada and International. If you are in Canada, Same country is the cost to ship to Canada.

If you have other questions about shipping you can send an email to our support team.

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