How to delete your Kronocard data

Modified on Fri, 29 Jul 2022 at 02:03 PM

If you want to delete all your Kronocard data here is how you can do it.

This will allow you to start from scratch with Kronocard.

Please note that this is irreversible. If you delete your data in that folder you need to have a backup to get it back.

There is two way to that will allow you to delete the Kronocard data.

1. Uninstall and reinstall Kronocard

The easiest way to proceed is by uninstalling Kronocard first. This will stop all the background communication that will prevent you from deleting the folder. After the data is deleted, reinstall Kronocard and it will start as new.

2. Stop the service

If you know what is a service on Windows you can keep Kronocard installed but before deleting the data you will need to stop the service named Kronozio Communication Services. After the data is delete you can restart the service or when starting Kronocard it should restart it automaticaly.

If you are trying to delete the folder without uninstalling Kronocard or stopping the service, Windows will not allow you to do it.

The data is in a regular data folder in Windows that they are hidding by default. There is a way to access that folder by typing in the file Explorer address bar  %programdata%  and press ENTER.

In that ProgramData folder you will find a folder named Kronozio.

Select that folder and hit DELETE

All done! Next time you will open Kronocard, it will be empty ready to enter again your login information and start with new data.

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